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How A Tutor Today Can Make Learning More Effective And Efficient

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A couple of generations ago, Having a tutor or a teacher was the only efficient way to have our doubts solved. Being in school and asking our doubts to get our questions answered was the best way to clear them. If not that, flicking through page after page of a pile of books was another method, but it took away too much time and effort.

Today, with the integration of technology into education, the process of solving and having our doubts solved is a far more open concept. As the internet is readily available in our homes today, simply searching a doubt on a question answer app can provide us countless answers. Plus, the new online classes and doubt solving apps help massively as well.

Tutors still have a place in the world today, though. No matter how far ahead technology gets, having a personal touch on something will always make things better. Even though you can scan and solve your questions, having an expert explain things to you is much better. Here are a few ways tutors can still help in our studies:

1) Personal Coaching:

Having another person look after our strategy and progress in any subject or skill can be very crucial. The attention to detail that a person can provide will help in clearing out any issues that are causing roadblocks. Be it a concept or a minor mistake made, an individual with a keen eye and a good set of knowledge can always help to get our doubts solved quickly and in the easiest possible way.

2) Simpler Language:

Reading text written by another person can be helpful, but the language can be a challenge for individuals. If language is an issue, one can always find another individual that can speak and explain stuff in the language that is comfortable for them. Along with this, solving doubts through conversations can help to keep the language informal and easy to understand, making doubt-solving much more personal and easier to grasp.

3) Open discussion:

Sometimes, an open discussion with a person can end up answering many questions at once. If there is a particular topic that is bothering an individual, having an open discussion and conversation with a tutor regarding that trouble can end up answering many other doubts that an individual has. Having an open conversation can reveal the real problems. So that we can focus on those problem areas to help solve the doubts and clear out any lingering questions regarding the subject. Irrespective of whether it is a CBSE math solution or an ICSE physics question, asking questions is always beneficial.

4) Unique opinion:

The internet can provide a cluster of opinions that could end up making the concept even muddier than it was before. Tutoring or teaching provides us with the thoughts of a teacher or tutor on the subject, without any intervening thoughts or words that could confuse the situation. Both gaining knowledge and solving a doubt can be made more streamlined when speaking to one single individual or a small group of people.

No matter how far ahead technology goes, the positives of humanity will never be outdone. A machine and its technology can provide us with a mechanical solution, but a personal and individual opinion and the human brain’s ability to solve things logically and emotionally will never be surpassed, shortly at least.

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