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What Makes a Martial Arts Academy Great?

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A great martial arts academy should feel safe and welcoming. Some people are intimidated by the idea of getting physical with near-strangers, but the right training gym fosters a welcoming atmosphere where participants know that they will be safe even when they feel vulnerable.

The Facility and the Instructors

Of course, the facility itself matters too. Who would want to learn in someplace that is shabby, small, or poorly maintained? A good martial arts academy should be spacious and modern. It should have a ring, lots of mats, punching bags, and preferably even an MMA cage for matches.

Who is going to teach the martial arts classes? Both beginners and serious competitors benefit from experienced and skilled instructors. Check out the biographies of the people who own the club and who teach there. If you see plenty of world-class titles, you’ll know that you’re in the right place.

Ideally, the managers and instructors will have won championships in multiple forms of martial arts, which makes them qualified to teach a wide range of techniques and disciplines. They may have even trained other world champions. It’s also a very good sign if they are certified in first aid and have full DBS checks on file.

The Classes

When you are wanting to learn Muay Thai in Reading or elsewhere, you should look at the classes that the martial arts academy offers to make sure that they have exactly what you want and need. An ideal academy schedule would include classes such as:

  • Junior Muay Thai/K1 Kickboxing – All Levels
  • Jiu Jitsu/MMA – All Levels
  • Adult Muay Thai/K1 Kickboxing – Advanced
  • Personal Trainer Private Hire/Black Belt Instructor

The academy should also have plenty of free time where students can come in and spar with each other or just use the facilities to train and practice. One of the best ways to learn any type of sport is to work out with others who are also learning, so an academy that sets aside time for that creates an excellent learning environment.

Muay Thai and other martial arts are great for learning self-defence, self-confidence, and personal discipline. You’ll want to take classes at a martial arts academy with a fantastic facility and instructors who have earned championships and taught champions. Whether you just want to get fit and feel good about yourself or you’re interested in becoming a champion too, you deserve nothing less than the best around.

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