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Introduction On Swim Safer Test

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Swim Safer is a regional water safety action mechanism up by the State Water Safety Council (NWSC) in Singapore in July 2010 and named by the then Ministry of Culture, Youth development (MCYS) at swim safer test.

The Procedure:

  • Introduction of expertise in water

The aim is to build faith in water for autonomy, to learn specific and deep-end water protection.

  • Skills of essential water

Develop key skills, like unassisted entrance into the water, rowing, foot first underwater dives, specific safe water skills, and marine ecosystem water safety.

  • Skills private and stroke growth

Entry abilities will be demonstrated, including the stride hop. Skill sets include sculling, diving abilities, and once in the water while swimming with that and putting on a professional flotation device (PFD).

  • Private survival including stroke skills for development

Developing stroke strategies for students is a priority here, alongside synchronized deepwater relaxation.

  • Moderate personal recovery and refinement of stroke survival abilities

Creating personal awareness of survival will help swim rapidly away from either a sinking ship in a contextual sense.

  • Improve proficiency in specific survival including swimming ability

Students will be expected to support several strokes over 400 meters with productivity within a specified period for each move.

The program SwimSaferTM 2.0 focuses on the following classifications:

  • Exits and Entries
  • The orientation of Sculling with Body
  • Skills from the Underwater
  • Swimming/Strokes/Movement
  • Skills for Life
  • Skills for Rescue
  • Knowledge

The SwimSafer 2.0 curriculum provides an updated syllabus and evaluation and strengthened teacher skills to provide a high quality of education through practice and re-certification.

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