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Classical Christian Schools Are Not Same as the Conventional Christian Schools

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If you are confused between Classical education and Conventional Education and consider them to be almost the same, then you are wrong. The core difference lies in the objective of education, apart from the varied curriculum itself.

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Key difference between Conventional and Classical education

  • Conventional education is focused and driven by power while the latter is truth and virtue driven.
  • Conventional education emphasises more on social development while classical stresses on developing morals.

The Classical Christian Schools

The Classical Christian Schools and the schooling system of Trivium as they would call it, have now seemed to gather some renewed attention and importance. However, actually, it is a very old and classical method of education.

This system of trivium is more systematic and it lays stress on the old school virtues like truth and goodness. This system has been around in the west for the past 1000 years or so that it has been followed even by the Greeks and Romans.

The Conventional Christian Schools

The Conventional Christian Schools, on the other hand, are the schools that follow progressive modern methods of education, which they have borrowed unintentionally from the modern education system that keeps changing and undergoing development each day.

The curriculum of various subjects of this system could be more conventionally structured. For example, the language learning focus could be more in literature and writing and limited in public speaking. The social studies concepts would be more text book oriented learning and the accreditation by teachers.

One more drawback in the progressive learning methods that has made its way into the Conventional Christian Schools also is that it requires all the students to achieve a minimal level of learning goals to move on to the next stage. This results in the need to maintain a base standard in the curriculum to suit everyone.

The above-mentioned derivations and the differences between the Classical Christian Schools and the Conventional Christian Schools are only drawn out of the several case studies and are generalisations. However, these are not the final judgment or conclusion and there could be several exceptions individually.

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