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Why would you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

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A certified nursing assistant is one who takes care of their patients’ health with dignity and respect. They assist doctors and nurses, take care of patient’s daily routine and record the particulars needed. As a CNA you will have to interact with various kinds of people, who will rely on you on a daily basis.

To be a CNA, you need some qualities and skills like, for example, listening to patients with patience, solving problems, having awareness of another’s suffering, etc. Most nurse training programs gives you training on improving these skills. Even if you don’t get these skills, through experience you are sure to get.

In CNA training you learn about:

  • How to communicate with patients
  • Provide patients care and comfort
  • Curative diets
  • Understanding psychological changes in old patients
  • How to lift and move patients
  • How to make admission and discharge of patients

Benefits of Being A Certified Nursing Assistant

  • CNA training can be finished in 3 months, and the minimum qualification needed is a high school diploma.
  • Average cost to become a CNA is reasonable when compared to other medical training.
  • With the increasing population, CNA are in demand. So, you get guaranteed job opportunity.
  • Since shifts are available, you can choose the timing that is convenient to you.
  • You are sure to get attractive salary plus added benefits.
  • You can choose to work for residents, hospitals, or hospice of your choice.
  • You don’t get bored when you get different experience every day. Patients and their needs will never be same. Only thing that remain same is how you make everyone smile.

With the hands-on experience, being a CNA can be the foundation to become a specialist in some line of your choice in future.

Personal satisfaction is there since you provide good care to your patient and you build an emotional connection between the patient and their families. Your position is crucial since you are the one who knows your patient completely.

Each day you are helping someone to get better thus job satisfaction is guaranteed. As a healthcare professional you keep on learning hence, assure the best for your patients.

If your passion is to serve people and make a positive change in their life then certified nursing assistant is the best choice. If you want to become one, why not consider joining Allen School of Health Science, who equip you with skill, knowledge and career. Start your journey towards a rewarding career.

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