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Selecting An Online Asian-Language School For Your Kid: A Quick Guide!

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As a parent, if you want your child to learn a second or third language, you can consider something entirely unique. Children are quick at learning new languages, and Asian languages, in particular, are great, considering the influence on global culture and business. There are some amazing online schools that offer courses like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese for kids, and these are designed with the little minds in consideration.

Online language learning has many benefits, such as –

  1. Your child can study at his/her convenience
  2. There is no need to commit to traveling or finding time in their daily outdoor schedule
  3. Their school and other activities can go on as usual
  4. Ability to learn easily, with online tutors for easy support
  5. Flexible timings, simplified course contents

Of course, not all online Asian-language schools are the same, and it makes sense to do some initial homework before selecting one. In this guide, we are discussing the aspects that must be checked.

  • Check the course contents. No matter whether you pick Japanese or Korean as a language, course contents must be reviewed in detail. Find if the course is focusing on both grammatical and conversational aspects of the language. The child should be encouraged to speak and use the language, beyond standard lessons.

  • Check for student support. When it comes to learning something as unique as Asian languages, not all kids learn at the same pace. Check if the kid can get support on learning and repeating lessons. They should be able to access tutors in a practical manner, so that they can practice better.
  • Check for faculty. What are the qualifications of the teachers and online tutors? What degrees do they have? Are they experienced with teaching kids? As a parent, you can always ask questions.
  • Check the learning means. Typically, most Asian-language schools share their materials online, and in addition, books can be purchased. Find out how your child can attend these classes, if they can reschedule and change the dates, if need. The kind of technology used for imparting lessons is also important. For instance, many schools rely extensively on software options like Zoom, which are super easy to use.
  • Don’t miss the cost. Online language schools usually have a fixed price for each course, with scheduled number of classes. Check how many classes are included in the course, and if there are time limits!

Introduce your child to Japanese or Korean today!

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