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How to Secure the English Language for your Child

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If your children are non-English speaking, they could be at a great disadvantage in later years if they do not have a solid foundation in the language at an early age and there are only two ways for a Thai child, for example, to acquire English fluency; the first is to emigrate to the UK and the second option is to choose a local international school, where all subjects are taught in English and it is the language of general communication.

The US Curriculum

Generally regarded as the best in the world, this would be taught in an American high school, or an international school in Bangkok, both using the same core principles and native English-speaking teachers to deliver the curriculum. When a Thai student starts during primary Year 1, they will have acquired the language by the beginning of the high school section and their language skills will continue to develop, allowing them to enter a foreign university of their choosing.

Regular Free Practice

This is an essential element of learning to speak any language and for some Thai students, this is sorely lacking, which inhibits their ability to understand the global language of communication. Selecting an international school is the best way to ensure 100% language acquisition and with an online search, you can browse a list of reputable international schools, preferably one that accepts K-12 students. The child will be exposed to English for 7-8 hours per day and as the other students come from various countries, English is the only language spoken. It might take a couple of years for the basic English skills to come, but come they will, as your child is forced to use the language.

Invest in your Child’s Future

While term fees are high, when you enroll your son or daughter in an American International school, you are equipping them to achieve their goals by helping them to acquire English, which is an essential life-skill that is required in the international world we now live in. When a non-English speaking child reaches their teenage years, learning a new language is much harder, indeed, many students have to settle for a secondary career path as they are not proficient in English.

Once your child has a level of fluency in English, this will open many doors as they grow and whatever their chosen career path, English will be required.

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