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Finding A Suitable Kindergarten For Your Child

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When you live in Bangkok, and your child is getting old enough to attend kindergarten, you will want to do your research and ensure you select the best school possible for them. When you are looking for an international kindergarten for early years learning, there are many options available, and there are some vital factors that you will need to consider. Below are some of these factors and tips to help you find the best school to give your child an excellent start in life and ensure they receive a quality education.

Work Out Your Budget

You will see when you start to look at the various kindergartens in Bangkok that the tuition fees can vary quite drastically. As such, you will want to work out how much you can afford to spend on the tuition of your child per term, and then look for suitable schools within your budget. You will also want to keep in mind that every year your child progresses through the school, the fees will increase every year.

The School Curriculum

You will also need to consider the curriculum you want your child to learn, and there are many available options you can choose from for your child. You will find many different international curriculums in Bangkok, such as:

  • British Curriculum
  • American Curriculum
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Singaporean Curriculum
  • Swiss Curriculum
  • German Curriculum
  • French Curriculum

Look at the various options that are available and select the curriculum you thin is best for your child to give them an excellent start in their academic careers.

An Ideal Location

The school’s location is another vital factor to consider, as you will not want your child to have to travel too far to and from school each day. Bangkok can seem like a massive traffic jam, made even worse when it rains, so if you live close to the BTS or MRT, you may want to choose a school that is close to these transport links. Doing so will make the daily commute a much more manageable task and ensure they do not spend too long each day going to and from school.

Visit The Schools

When you have found a few schools that may be suitable, you will want to arrange an appointment to visit them. It is an excellent idea to do this during school hours to see how the school operates and how well behaved the children are. It can give you all the information you need to select which school is best for your child and assure you that they will take excellent care of them.

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