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A school sports tour offers so much more than just playing games

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Playing sport has been a favourite pastime of school age juniors for generations. Many kids dream from an early age of being selected for their junior or school teams, eventually going on to be famous and successful.

Unfortunately, only a tiny few reach the pinnacle of their fantasies. But that is not to say that they won’t enjoy playing and competing for many years. And they can still live out another ambition by playing overseas on sport tours.

Overseas school travel will offer your students so much more than an opportunity to play in a foreign land.

Playing sport naturally brings down barriers. Think of the many friends that you have made from competing. It is a wonderful way of learning life skills by communicating with others and learning how to deal with disappointment as well as enjoying triumph. It teaches empathy and teamwork along with the associated natural health benefits.

Imagine if the student is gathering this while on an overseas sports tour. There are so many possibilities in personal development, learning, and education. Communicating with fellow scholars from other nations will increase knowledge and create an understanding of empathy and cultural differences.

The educational benefits are numerous. Your students will enhance their geographical learning, sometimes without even realizing. Even more so if a tour is fitted in around a curriculum. The history of your destination will be taken in along with how things work in different systems and cultures. It will spark an interest in learning languages and future overseas travel.

An overseas sports tour will teach students about health and the importance of how to look after the body in different conditions. Participants will learn how to adjust and adapt in different climates. Nutrition and trying different foods available only in your destination will all add to the learning experience.

Travelling in a group outside the normal comfort zone teaches much about building relationships, listening to others, and developing skills vital in later life. Most importantly of all, it will be fun, which is what sport should be all about.

Taking students on a sports tour will be a highlight of their formative lives and one many will never forget. It will offer some a once in a lifetime opportunity to play the sport that they love overseas. It offers opportunities in education and development as people. It is simply an opportunity far too big to miss.

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